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Bill O’Rourke

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Bill O’Rourke


Retired Vice President

Bill O’Rourke retired from Alcoa in September, 2011. He continued to serve on the Board of the Alcoa Foundation and teach “Values” at Alcoa’s Corporate Executive Development Programs until 2013. He joined Alcoa as a Patent Attorney in 1975 and held a number of leadership positions including Corporate Patent Counsel, Vice President of Global Business Services (Financial Services, HR Services, Aircraft Operations, etc.), Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Procurement, Corporate Auditor, and Assistant General Counsel. From 2005 to 2008 Bill was the President of Alcoa-Russia. Bill was the Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability three times under three CEOs at Alcoa. Prior to Alcoa Bill was an Industrial Engineer for U.S. Steel Corporation and ran the underground mining parts business for Joy Manufacturing Company.

Bill is also a Fellow of the Wheatley Institution in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University where he serves on the Ethics Advisory Board and teaches ethics to all Business School students. He is on the Board of Directors of John Carroll University in Cleveland and serves on the Ethics Advisory Counsel of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Initiative in Washington, DC. He was on the Board of Directors (Past Chairman)of Sustainable Pittsburgh, and serves on a number of other civic, charitable and religious organizations. From 2011 to August, 2014 Bill was the Executive Director of the Beard Institute for Ethics at the School of Business at Duquesne University. Bill lectures on Business Ethics and Safety at a number of companies around the World and at dozens of universities including the University of Pittsburgh, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona State, Illinois, Carnegie Mellon, San Jose, Benedictine University, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, the University of Dayton and Duquesne University. In August, 2016 Bill published the book A Field Guide to Business Ethics, with co-authors Dr. Bradley Agle and Dr. Aaron Miller.

Bill received his undergraduate degree (BS/BA) from John Carroll University and his law degree (JD) from Duquesne University. Bill served as an officer in the U.S. Army Transportation Corps.

Bill and his wife, Elena, have three children and live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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