Steve Zaffron

March 6, 2018 By

Alignment: Bringing Together Energy and Environment

This year, the featured keynote speakers at the Governor’s Energy Summit: Crossroads of Global Innovation are Vanto Group’s Founder, Steve Zaffron and Chief Executive Officer, Olga Loffredi, PhD. Vanto Group is pleased to partner with the Governor’s Office of Energy Development to present unique and innovative pathways to producing a new future for our energy needs.

As the Summit brings together experts and different perspectives from across the globe, attendees will have the opportunity to see how a team can create strategies and plans by becoming a naturally coordinated and focused force in fulfilling shared concerns – an alignment to radically alter what is possible. Having teams operate this way could lead to a more eco-sufficient world with an increase in environmental quality, ultimately producing higher savings and an enhanced experience of life.

What is an Aligned Team?

Alignment is a unique state in which a team experiences and functions from a co-created vision for the future in approaching those matters relevant to fulfilling the team’s concerns. When a state of Alignment has been created, the team members’ actions are organically and necessarily coordinated by the shared future. Their actions are like iron filings lining up under the influence of a magnetic field. The team can be as small as a single work unit or as large as an entire workforce in a Fortune 500 company.

An aligned team accountable for bringing together energy solutions that enhance the environment has a decisive strategic advantage: it is able to execute more efficiently, effectively, and with more velocity than teams that are not aligned. Like a race car with its tires out of alignment, teams that are not aligned cannot perform at the optimum level.

About Vanto Group

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