Caitlin Liotiris

Principal, Energy Strategies

Caitlin Liotiris leads many of Energy Strategies’ efforts in electricity market development, regional transmission planning and policy, and energy procurement arenas. Caitlin provides clients with a unique combination of technical capabilities and energy policy perspective. Her primary work efforts include performing market and regulatory evaluations, participating in various regional forums, and facilitating the incorporation of new policies and market structures into the firm’s modeling tools. She applies her leadership, management, and broad industry perspective in directing and enhancing Energy Strategies’ strategic thinking, research, and analytical capabilities.

For over a decade, Caitlin has been actively involved in transmission development throughout the West. She co-authored several studies on the benefits of new transmission and also supports Order 1000 regional transmission planning efforts. Caitlin also brings a broad and deep knowledge of states’ renewable and other mandates, utilities’ plans to comply with these requirements, and market fundamentals related to renewable energy, especially in the West. Caitlin has been active in the development of an Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) in the Western Interconnection since it was conceptualized in 2010 and remains deeply involved in the policy discussions aimed at expanding organized markets in the West.

Caitlin joined Energy Strategies in 2006. She currently serves as a Class 4 representative on the Peak Reliability Member Advisory Committee and also sits on the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s Standards Committee.