Dory Peters

CEO, Big Navajo Energy

Big Navajo Energy, LLC (BNE) is a 100% Navajo owned and operated since 2012 the company focused on the development and deployment of clean efficient power generation technology and consulting services for economic development on Indian Country. BNE reach is global that can provide sales and distribution of portal generators and backup or primary power for commercial or residential power. These systems are designed for 24/7 use and are highly dependable as a primary or a secondary source of energy. The company can provide upwards to 150 Kw of renewable generators also 1 to 250 megawatts of electricity through its partners in the micro-grid technology.

Dory Peters is a tribal member of the Navajo Nation and has been self-employed for the last 20 plus years. Mr. Peters created Big Navajo Energy seven years ago on a shoe string budget with no client base or access to capital. Eventually, reaching clients on Native American communities and globally that needed access to electricity via solar or wind generation. However, Mr. Peters primary focus was to the native community and rural areas on Indian country to have access to basic electric power. The company has successfully consulted and deployed renewable energy products throughout the Navajo Nation for the past few years working closing with the Legislative and Executive branches of the Navajo Nation. Mr. Peters was raised by his grandfather who was a medicine man from Sheep Springs, New Mexico. Living a traditional Navajo life Mr. Peters was taught that through Mother Earth and the Great Creator any problems we have can be answered through what surrounds us every day. The sun, wind and water gives us life and harmony. Mr. Peters has utilized these same principles to the energy industry to created clean reliable access to electrical power.