Gay Wyn E. Quance

CEO & President, Solid Carbon Products

Gay Wyn is the controlling owner of Solid Carbon Products (SCP). She and her late husband, Dallas B. Noyes, founded SCP in 2009. She worked with Dallas as VP of Professional Services in Cogito, Inc. from 2002 – 2005. After her Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Geology in 1977, she held multiple professional and management positions relevant to her current position.

Solid Carbon Products LLC holds the worldwide exclusive license to commercialize a new patented chemistry which converts CO2 into valuable solid carbon products, carbon nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, and carbon black. The Noyes Process consumes CO2 and permanently sequesters it into profitable solid carbon materials.

SCP has an operating 0.3 ton per month pilot production facility producing tailored carbon materials. SCP is ready to license to companies who wish to make their CO2 profitable and to manufacturers who wish to secure their own supply of carbon nanoscale materials.