Greg Hughes

Former Speaker of the House, Utah House of Representatives

Greg Hughes grew up in a working class neighborhood in Pittsburgh before coming to Utah for college. In his youth, Greg trained as an amateur boxer and developed skills that served him well once he got into politics.

Hughes served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2002-2018. As a lawmaker, he received many accolades from business organizations and advocates of limited government and low taxes. Hughes was the founder of the House Conservative Caucus and was elected to House Leadership positions, culminating in his service as the Speaker of the House from 2014 until his retirement from the legislature in 2018.

Greg Hughes is known for taking on formidable public policy challenges, including reforming the Utah Transit Authority, tackling Utah’s homelessness crisis in a comprehensive way that has become a model for larger regions, and the creation of the Utah Inland Port Authority.

Hughes is a small business owner and land developer. He lives in Draper City with his wife and three children.