Marie Jordan

May 3, 2018 By
CEO, Peak Reliability

Marie Jordan assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer at Peak Reliability (Peak) on November 1, 2016.

Marie came to Peak with more than 30 years of gas and electric transmission and distribution operations experience. The majority of her career was spent at Pacific Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco where she held positions of increasing responsibility in electric and gas transmission and distribution. While at PG&E she acquired an extensive knowledge of the regulatory environment and stakeholder engagement. More recently she served as an officer at National Grid, where she spent six years in a variety of roles including SVP of Electric Engineering and Construction, SVP of Gas Construction and Operations, and SVP of Gas and Electric Engineering.
Peak monitors and directs the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System within the Western Interconnection. Peak works with Balancing Authorities, Transmission Owners and Transmission Operators to ensure an uninterrupted flow of electricity to consumers.

Peak operates two Reliability Coordination Offices—located in Loveland, Colorado and Vancouver, Washington—that provide situational awareness and real-time supervision within the Western Interconnection.

Marie has a passion for the mission of the American Red Cross. She was a board member with the Red Cross in Massachusetts and has been a member of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle since 2013.

Marie’s educational background is both in Electrical Engineering and Business Accounting.