Martin Ritter

CEO, Stadler US

Martin Ritter was appointed CEO & President of Stadler US, Inc. in 2016, relocating to Salt Lake City from Switzerland. Martin was charged with taking a successful European brand and establishing its path for success in the US market. He graduated with his Master’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and holds the rank of Captain in the Swiss army. During his time in active military service he was the Commanding Officer of the First Company, 20th Grenadier Battalion, an elite special forces unit. Martin joined Stadler as the assistant to Group CEO Peter Spuhler and was responsible for developing business solutions and leading strategic projects. Martin enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Denise and is a sponsored gigathalete in Switzerland. The Gigathlon being a competitive race combining five endurance sports: running, swimming, cycling, mountain biking and in-line skating.

Martin has been with Stadler US since the beginning in 2016, Stadler manufactures custom, high quality passenger trains and just successfully completed the first US built project for the Dallas- Fort Worth Airport line. With Martins guidance, Stadler has also successfully tendered a project with Caltrain, SBCTA, Pike Peak Cog Wheel line, (Ottawa) and MARTA the Atlanta Metro system.