Matt Nicosia

Chairman & CEO, Vivakor Inc.

Mr. Nicosia is Chairman and CEO of Vivakor Inc. (VIVK). Vivakor, Inc. (VIVK), a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of natural resources. Vivakor’s corporate mission is to create, acquire and accumulate distinct assets, intellectual properties, and exceptional technologies that produce solid returns to its valued shareholders and partners. The company currently focuses on bitumen (heavy crude) extraction from shallow, oil-laden areas in Eastern Utah, along with petroleum-based remediation projects across the globe. The technologies utilized are low-cost, proprietary and proving themselves industry disruptive when measured by a number of important factors. From the point of product or technology conception, or through acquisition, development, and commercialization, Vivakor establishes strategic partners, joint ventures or licensing arrangements for its products in order to sustain revenue attainment. Mr. Nicosia is also a director and co-founder of Quantum Sphere, Inc., a producer of nanomaterials and related technologies ( He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Mr. Nicosia is also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.