Meghan Stettler

Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Governor's Office of Energy Development

Meghan Stettler serves as the Director of Public Affairs and Communications for the Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED), managing internal and external communications, large-scale events, and diplomatic partnerships. Prior to joining OED, she spent ten years in television news and media for Al Jazeera based in Qatar, as well as Network News Service in New York City (a conglomerate of ABC/CBS /FOX) and PBS-KCET in Los Angeles, serving the station’s Emmy-winning investigative news series, Arts programming, pioneering web department and social media platforms.

She holds a Masters degree in Specialized Journalism from the University of Southern California, a dual BFA in Journalism and Music/Dance/Theater from Brigham Young University, a two-year Global Affairs certificate at New York University, and an Executive Certificate in Global Business Management from Salt Lake Community College.

She serves as vice president of World Trade Association of Utah, the state’s longest standing nonprofit dedicated to advancing international trade and commerce.