Michael Klein

May 8, 2018 By
VP Legal & Business Development and General Counsel, Lighthouse Resources Inc.

In his capacity as a leader at Lighthouse (LHR), Mr. Klein oversees legal, government, and strategic initiatives that position the company to create jobs, support U.S. energy dominance, and facilitate energy security for America’s Asian allies. He helped to develop an international supply chain solution that connects natural resources and infrastructure to trade routes from the western U.S. to Asia.

Mr. Klein plays an important role in steering the company to be one of the largest suppliers of seaborne thermal coal from the western U.S. to Asia Pacific markets. LHR is the operator of coal mines in Montana and Wyoming that sell to both domestic and Asia Pacific customers, and LHR is the sole owner of Millennium Bulk Terminals – Longview (MBT-Longview), a proposed new coal export terminal on the Pacific Coast.

MBT-Longview will have an export capacity of 44 million metric tons per year. The current value of export goods from a fully constructed and commissioned export facility would exceed $2.0 billion of trade from the U.S. to our important and strategic trading partners in the Asia Pacific rim.

Once fully functional, Lighthouse’s coal export terminal will exemplify how U.S. infrastructure investment provides direct economic benefits right here in America via quality jobs and workforce development. Furthermore, the energy to be shipped through the terminals will play a critical role in facilitating regional stability for our Asian allies.
Mr. Klein worked at Savage Services Corporation as Vice President and Group Business Director. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a JD/MBA degree from Brigham Young University and is admitted to the Utah State Bar.