Redge Johnson

May 8, 2018 By
County Liaison, Governor’s Public Lands Coordinating Office

Redge Johnson is the County Liaison for the Governor’s Public Lands Coordinating Office. Redge assisted all 29 Utah counties in creating County Resource Management Plans for 28 natural resources identified by the Utah Legislature. The list of resources include energy, recreation, mining, grazing, wildlife, water, forest health and wildfire; the plans developed goals, policies and objectives for each resource. The county plans were completed in August, 2017. Redge and his team then assisted the State of Utah in drafting the State Resource Management Plan based on the desired outcomes from the 29 county plans and State Agency mandates. The State Plan was formally adopted April, 2018 and is in the implementation phase. Redge has also been tasked with managing the Grazing Resolution Team to address the challenges and opportunities producers have when working with Federal and State agencies.

Natural resource experience began early for Redge. “When you spend a good portion of your childhood without running water, electricity or phone and your nearest neighbor is 10 miles away, you gain a unique perspective of the natural world”, this early experience influenced his desire to protect yet utilize the natural resources abundant in Utah. Redge has been a principal in over 20 land restoration projects and a consultant for over 100 other land use or conservation projects.

Redge spends his time away from work enjoying Utah’s abundant outdoor activities with his wife and two daughters. His most popular pursuits include, hunting, fishing, skiing, camping and enjoying Utah’s great natural beauty. His most unique experience was chasing wild cattle through the bottom of the Grand Canyon with his brother, father and grandfather.