Sara Jones

April 23, 2018 By
Founder, InclusionPro

Sara Jones is Founder of InclusionPro, which teaches executives winning strategies for building inclusive company cultures. She frequently consults executive teams on strategic growth, business strategy, strategic partnerships, and talent strategies and has coached hundreds of professionals on strategic career practices. Prior to InclusionPro, Sara was CEO of ApplicantPro, an HR tech company providing talent recruiting tools to over 3000 clients. She was head of business development at School Improvement Network, where she gained deep knowledge on research-based professional development. Sara started her career as a patent attorney, practicing for almost a decade in software arts, where she became a partner and taught advanced patent law at BYU Law School. She is a founder of Women Tech Council which has a community of 10,000 women and men nationwide. Sara graduated cum laude from BYU law school and holds a B.S. in chemical engineering, with honors, from the University of Utah.