Scott Hill

NERC CIPS Compliance, Pacificorp

Scott is the Program Manager for PacifiCorp’s NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Compliance Office responsible for the implementation of the federally mandated and enforced cyber and physical security reliability standards.

Before his work in compliance, Scott worked as a Project Manager for the utility’s T&D Program Office constructing substations and transmission facilities. Once assimilated into PacifiCorp’s NERC CIP Compliance Office, Scott spent the next 7 years developing knowledge of industrial control systems operation and security, information technologies security, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and the NERC CIP Standards. During that time, Scott supported the company through two federal audits, managed several implementation projects related to CIP compliance in PacifiCorp’s control centers, power generation plants, and transmission substations. Currently Scott is preparing to guide his team through another audit this summer and continue developing PacifiCorp’s NERC CIP Compliance Program as new physical and cyber security standards are developed, approved and made enforceable.

Outside of continuously learning in the field of cybersecurity, Scott enjoys playing soccer, building his custom motorcycle and spending time with his wife and three daughters exploring all the beautiful places Utah has to offer.